sexta-feira, novembro 4

A única coisa que se salvou da grandiosa cerimónia da MTV


Following Madonna's performance

"That singer before me. Who was it? It was very courageous of MTV to start the show with a genuine transvestite, he was very convincing. It was only his hands and his testi satchels that gave it away."

Introducing Coldplay

"Next is one of the most famous bands in the world. We all love very much. Please enjoy... Green Day!"

Introducing The Pussy Cat Dolls

"Please prepare yourself for masturbation because next are international singing prostitutes, Pussy Cat Dolls."

After introducing Akon

(Borat whispers to little Kazkhstani child), "quick Akon's on stage, dressing room 8. See what you can take."

Introduction to Gorillaz

"There is one singer called Shakira... sorry I laugh because in Kazakhstan this word means vagina. For example, 'Can I touch your shakira?' or 'I have seen your wife's shakira, it hangs like the mouth of a tired dog."

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